Perla Select with 100% Wood Tray with Soup Mug + Spoon

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The ultimate Select Refried Beans grown, manufactured and packaged in El Salvador. What makes our beans different? We are BPA FREE, NO MSG, AND NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS. 

This gift set includes:

  • Set of two 28 ounces Red Refried Beans  
  • Set of two 28 ounces Black Refried Beans 
  • Set of two 14 ounces Red Refried Beans
  • Set of two 14 ounces Black Refried Beans
  • One limited-edition Perla Soup Mug, holds 15 oz
  • One limited-edition Perla Salvadoran Keychain 
  • BONUS: LARGE TRAY 100% WOOD Measures: 15.75" W x 10.75" L x 3.75" H 

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