Meet Vanessa Faggiolly and Nora Saca of Amerisal Foods in Van Nuys

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In 2008, I decided to join my Mother in the most exciting adventure of our lives. With very little money in our pockets we offer to make payments and bought a bankrupt company.

The company had huge potential, when my Mom told me about the concept of the business I visualized the mission and vision statement. We were going to solve a pain in the market, the demand for nostalgic food products was huge and we were going to fill that gap with a new mentality, hard work, passion and drive.

We both work as a team to develop the company’s innovation process, including identifying strategies, new technologies, and business opportunities, as well as developing new capabilities with partners, new business models, and new industry structures to serve those opportunities. We have become experts on all aspects of retail operations (R & D, merchandising, sales, customer service, inventory, personnel and payroll management).

We have closed deals with most major supermarket chains like Vallarta, El Super, Cardenas, Superior Grocers, Super King, Northgate, Numero Uno Markets, Baja Ranch, R Ranch Markets (just to mention some).

After Amerisal was about to close its doors in 2008, it is now a multimillion-dollar company operating in Texas, California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Alaska, and soon Miami.

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