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August 02 2020 – Amerisal Foods Know more about Amerisalfoods Know more about Amerisalfoods

“In 2008 my Mom and I had a great opportunity to buy a company on the verge of bankruptcy. Our people were hungry for food from their natives countries and we knew we could fulfill those demands. Amerisal has been one of the biggest challenges of our lives but I thank God for having my mom next to me in this journey; together we’ve been able to change lives and succeed.

We’ve occupied every position in the company, from sorting cheese, driving delivery trucks, closing deals with supermarkets and managing operations. We are servant leaders and as such have built strong, trusting relationships with our employees and currently have a company culture based on genuine family values. The true essence of Amerisal is our employees we owe everything we have to their determination.”

By Vanessa Faggiolly
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