"We believe foods and flavors especially from one’s native countries can bring memories and nostalgia."

Nora Saca CEO • Vanessa Faggiolly CFO

Amerisal Foods, LLC

Amerisal Foods is the leader of Central American products and the exclusive distributor of the brand Petacones. Petacones Cheese is one of the best-selling nostalgic products from El Salvador; it has been selling on the Salvadorian market since 1935. Amerisal Foods is also the owners of the brand Perla Bandera de el Salvador.  Amerisal Foods have closed deals with most major supermarket chains like, Vallarta, El Super, Cardenas, Superior Grocers, Super King, Northgate, Numero Uno Markets, Baja Ranch, R Ranch Markets and with small businesses.  We are currently operating in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Seattle Washington and Alaska. We are proud of creating hundreds of jobs locally and abroad.


We are a wholesale distribution company committed to deliver culturally diverse high quality food products at competitive prices.


Amerisal Foods LLC strives to become a leading importer of food products from Latin America.

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